Connecting Libraries, Connecting People

The RISE Network works with public libraries to provide Albertans with opportunities to communicate with health care professionals, participate in distance education, attend meetings, learn new skills and more – all by videoconference from their local library. 

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 ...the potential for transforming public libraries, especially in rural areas, is enormous. This is a [network] that brings people together, strengthens our communities and creates another service niche for public libraries in Alberta.

— Michelle Toombs, Director Marigold Library System

Boot Camp for Fiction Writers: The Cure for the Dreaded Mushy Middle of Your Novel

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

During this session we will learn why the middle of your novel is often the most challenging part, and Ronnie will present 9 cures for the “mushy middle.” If your novel has a stellar cast, a hook sure to catch your readers, and a satisfying ending, but the middle is stubbornly uncooperative, you’ll want to be here!
Presented by Ronnie Roberts, writer and speaker, this course is intended for both new and intermediate writers who are looking to raise their writing skills to the next level.
Hosted by Drumheller Public Library.

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