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The RISE Network works with public libraries to provide Albertans with opportunities to communicate with health care professionals, participate in distance education, attend meetings, learn new skills and more – all by videoconference from their local library. 

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— Garth Carl, CAO Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services

Savvy Consumers – Data & Internet Security

Thursday, September 29, 2016 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
There’s a lot of “phish” in the sea. Learn how not to get caught up in the many forms of fraud on the ‘net. What you need to know to keep yourself and your identity safe online.
Presented in partnership by the Better Business Bureau and Lethbridge Public Library. BBB’s Savvy Consumers education program provides free presentations and information to consumers of all ages, in all walks of life. Funded by BBB’s Accredited Businesses, Savvy Consumers aims to give people the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from scams, fraudsters, and shady business practices.

Hosted by Lethbridge Public Library (Main Branch)

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