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— Garth Carl, CAO Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services

Law At Lunch – An Enduring Power of Attorney • A Personal Directive • A Will: A Legal Toolkit

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Planning for disability or death is never pleasant. However, it is an important part of identifying what you want done when something like this happens to you and helping those around you carry out your wishes. An enduring power of attorney, a personal directive, and a will are basic to building your plan. With them you can set out respectively:
·         Who will handle your financial affairs and how, if you become mentally incompetent
·         If you become mentally incompetent, who will handle your medical and other personal life decisions and the kinds of choices they can make for you
·         How you want your estate to be dealt with at your death.
In this presentation you’ll learn about these basic legal tools and what’s involved in acquiring them. You’ll also learn about the changes brought about by the Wills and Succession Act, recent legislation in this area.
Lethbridge College’s Public Legal Education Program helps educate the public about law and the legal system by providing general education and information. (The program does not provide legal advice). The program is funded by a grant from the Alberta Law Foundation.
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calendar omission?

I would like to attend the March 15th Law At Lunch videoconference but it's not on your calendar. Is the session a go, and if so, how can I sign up? Thanks for your time.

Janeen Keelan - Jasper Municipal library

omission part 2

Hi, once I sent my inquiry the sign-up option popped up. Thanks!