Connecting Libraries, Connecting People

The RISE Network works with public libraries to provide Albertans with opportunities to communicate with health care professionals, participate in distance education, attend meetings, learn new skills and more – all by videoconference from their local library. 

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 ...the potential for transforming public libraries, especially in rural areas, is enormous. This is a [network] that brings people together, strengthens our communities and creates another service niche for public libraries in Alberta.

— Michelle Toombs, Director Marigold Library System

*CANCELLED* DIY Ergonomics

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Irma Janzen is an occupational therapist who specializes in ergonomics and is the author of DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money.  Irma believes that pain and discomfort due to working at the computer, laptop, tablet and phone can be prevented with just a little bit of know-how.
Join Irma to learn about:

  • What bad posture is, and how to correct yours
  • How to adjust any chair to suit your body
  • Equipment and behavioural recommendations for any budget
  • Transferring ergonomic principles to tasks other than computer work

Presented from the Drumheller Public Library

*session open to patrons, recommended for adults