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— Garth Carl, CAO Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services

Relationships in a Digital Age

Monday, January 21, 2019 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Picture this: A thirteen-year-old girl walks into the change room after gym class and takes a picture of her classmate undressing. She sends the picture to her classmates as a joke through Snapchat. One of her classmates who receives the picture takes a screenshot and brings it to the principal. Who is responsible for teaching this young girl about the appropriate use of technology? Is it the school? The parents?
Join JoAnne Akerboom, Principal at St. Anthony's School, for a presentation how technology is impacting our children’s lives. JoAnn received a Research Award from Dalhousie University for a paper she completed last year. Her paper asks parents a series of questions about their use and their child’s use of social media. JoAnne has continued to research and share with parents ways in which they can help their children learn to use technology effectively and responsibly.

Broadcast from Drumheller Public Library

*this presentation will be recorded and shared on the Marigold Library System YouTube channel 

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